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    TITANIUM USA PLATINUM SERIES 8 STATION JUNGLE GYM is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

    This machine not only performs at the highest levels but has been designed with aesthetics in mind, so it can be a centre piece in any gym. The cables and weight stacks have been engineered for ultra-smooth running with minimum friction during workouts.

    Fitted with 5x 100Kg (220lb) steel weight stacks, that can also be upgraded to a heavier stack if required.

    This Jungle Gym includes the following stations:

    • Lat Pull Down with 100kg (220 lb) weight stack.
    • Seated Cable Row with 100kg (220 lb) weight stack.
    • Cable Crossover with two 100kg (220 lb) weight stacks.
    • High Low Pulley Station (Tricep, Bicep, Abductor, Adductor etc.) with 100kg (220 lb) stack.


    • Precision Engineered Weight Stacks 
      This machine is fitted with five independent 100kg (220lb) weight stacks, and each plate is fitted with clearly visible weight stickers.
      The top 7 plates on each stack are 10lb (4.4kg) increments and are ideal for use in rehab facilities where lighter starting weights may be required and changing to 15lb increments from 85lb to 220 lb (39kg to 100kg).
      Each plate is also fitted with premium grade nylon bushings for reduced friction on the guide rods during exercises.

    • Heavy Gauge Steel Frame 
      The frame has been engineered using premium grade 3mm steel and coated our scratch resistant Platinum Series multi-stage electrostatic powder coating that not only looks great but will provide many years of protection against wear and tear.

    • Rated For Full Commercial Use 
      This machine has been rated for use in all commercial training facilities such as Personal Training Studios, Gyms, and similar training facilities.

    • Choice of Stations
      On both the PS004, PS005 and PS008 Jungle Gyms, the triceps station can be swapped out for; Assisted Chin/Dip, Multi Press, Leg Ext/Curl or Seated Leg Press/Calf Extension. Please note there are additional costs involved for this. 

    • Multi Grip Pull Up Bar
      The heavy-duty cross beam is fitted with a multi-grip chin-up bar.

    • Ergonomically Designed Attachments
      Comes supplied with several attachments. Lat pulldown bar that allows users to perform close grip and wide grip pulldowns.
      It's also supplied with a seated row straight bar that can be used for rows and bicep curls but also attached to the lat pulldown or Adjustable Cable Column cable for tricep pushdowns.
      V grip row bar for use on the seated row and lat pulldown stations.
      Single stirrup handles for use on the Adjustable Cable Column and Cable Crossover.

    • Upholstery & Padding
      Padding has been ergonomically designed and manufactured using high quality, thick foam padding and finished off with high grade, upholstery for maximum comfort and longevity.

    • High Grade Pulleys 
      High grade pulleys that have been engineered to reduce drag on the cables, ensuring an ultra-smooth motion. They use a deep groove design to prevent cables slipping off the pulleys during use. Engineered to swivel a full 180 degrees, for even greater range of motion.

    • Aircraft Grade Cables
      Fitted with U.S. manufactured aircraft grade cables that have been tested to withstand more than 2000Lb (880kg) load.


    • Length: 5100mm
    • Width: 3400mm
    • Height: 2350mm


    • Frame: 10 Years
    • Weight Stacks & Guide Rods: 3 Years
    • Cables & Pulleys: 2 Years
    • On-Site Labour: 1 Year (excluding cables, pulleys and upholstery)
    • All other parts: 2 Years


    • Customize your gym equipment with a variety of colour options for both frames and upholstery. While our standard colour is black frame and black upholstery, we offer customization options to fit your gym's branding and style.
      For more information please contact us.

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