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    Strength Training Equipment

    The demand for Strength Training Equipment has increased dramatically over the past few years thanks to the popularity and explosion of Crossfit across the world. Only a few short years ago no one had really heard of things such as Bumper Plates, Crossfit Rigs and Battle Ropes. This has created the opportunity for many suppliers to cash in on the high demand by selling equipment for two to three times what they are actually worth. Our range of strength training equipment is absolute premium grade and we offer genuine wholesale direct prices for our clients so you can spend the money you save on growing your business.

    Our Strength Equipment range includes: Power Racks, Squat Racks, Smith Machines, Chin Up Stations, Bench Presses, Adjustable Benches, Roman Chairs, Hyper Extensions, Flat Benches, Plate Loaded Machines, Pin Loaded Machines, Crossfit Rigs and Racks, Weight Plates, Bumper Plates, Leg Press Machines, Hack Squat Machines, Olympic Barbells, Squat Bars, Fixed Barbells, Rubber Hex Dumbbells, Pro Style Dumbbells, Cast Metal Kettlebells and Competition Kettlebells, Barbell racks, Dumbbell Racks, Kettlebell Racks and Weight Plate Storage Racks.

     We also provide many Strength Training Package options to suit your specific needs and budget.

    So what is important when buying Strength Training Equipment?

    Quality! This is without doubt the key thing to consider. Yes price is a factor and you want to make sure you don’t get ripped off. Unfortunately with the strength training boom many suppliers have been charging ridiculous prices for their equipment as many items look the same but quality varies dramatically.

    Quality depends on a number of factors. For example, frames on Power Racks, Benches, Smith Machines and Leg Presses can vary from 1.5mm to 4mm thick. This has a huge effect on how stable the machine will be and what weight capacity it can handle. The frames on cheaper quality machines are generally bolted together on all joins whereas premium grade gear will have some sections that are joined together using bolts but they will be predominantly welded together.

    Barbells can me made using low grade steel that is brittle or will bend under heavy loads and not spring back into shape or they can be made from high grade steel that has been heavily compressed during the forging process to maximise strength and flexibility.

    Still not sure?

    You can call us any time for a chat over the phone or come into our showroom to speak to us in person and check out our gear.

    We have over 15 years of industry experience so we have some understanding of what’s required when it comes to developing and installing Commercial Strength Training Equipment.

    Our dedicated showroom and warehouse is located at 622 Waterdale Rd Heidelberg West, in Melbourne. 

    We have installers available in every state to ensure your equipment is professionally and safely installed. So whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart or any other capital city or regional area we can arrange delivery and if required also professional installation of your new equipment.

    Finance, Lease or Rent?

    We have a number of finance, lease or rental options and these can be tailored to your specific requirements depending on your financial position and requirements.

    We will work with you to ensure you get the best deal possible. Finance is a great option to free up available cash on other things such as promotion and marketing expand and grow your business or to upgrade other parts of your facility.