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    Crossfit has revolutionised the fitness industry over the past 5-10 years. We have seen the emergence and popularity of many products used in Crossfit® Training such as Battle Ropes, Bumper Plates, Power Sleds and much more. Originally developed in around 2000 in the United States, Crossfit® incorporates a mix or gymnastics, aerobic exercises and weight lifting. It is used extensively by elite athletes, sporting clubs, the Military, Law Enforcement and the general public to improve overall strength and fitness. Crossfit® has exploded all over the world due to not only the incredible results available from this style of training but also that it provides a varied and high intensity training regime. Demand for this style of training soared after the release of the 2007 worldwide smash hit movie 300, in which the cast were put through a gruelling 3-6 month Crossfit® training program, and by the end of it they were in extraordinary shape.

    Since then it has soared in popularity with a boom in the number of dedicated Crossfit® Boxes or Gyms all over the world and today, most fitness centres and sporting clubs have implemented Crossfit® equipment as part of their standard range of gear for their clients.

    Equipment used in Crossfit® includes Barbells, Weight Plates, Bumper Plates, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Plyometric Boxes, Gymnastics Rings, Chin Up Bars, Dip Handles, Battling Ropes, and more. The centre piece of most Crossfit® Gyms is the Rig on which most of the equipment is hung, attached or used.
     How important is quality?

     It’s vital!  This gear tends to take an absolute pounding so it needs to be able to stand up to the punishment it receives. Quality of product varies greatly so don’t just buy based on price. Having said that don’t be fooled into paying too much for inferior quality gear touted as premium grade.

     Barbell prices and qualities vary dramatically and you can pay up to $1800 with other suppliers, which is ludicrous. Our Premium Series Olympic Barbells are equivalent to and in most cases superior to the more expensive bars on the market but because we sell them wholesale direct you will only pay a fraction of the price.

    Rigs come in many different qualities, sizes and options. This is also an area of major confusion which we will help to clear up in the Rig section of this site.

    Bumpers also vary greatly in quality. The best test to determine bumper plate quality is the Shore Durometer test, which tests the quality of the rubber compound used to manufacture them. We also explain this is more detail in the Bumper Plate section of this website. The other test used is the "Drop Test" where the bumpers are repeatedly dropped from a height of around 6ft to test their resistance to wear and tear during normal use. Our Titanium USA Elite Series bumpers have been tested to survive in excess of 9000 drops.

    We stock a complete range of quality equipment that will more than handle abuse in even the most demanding environments.

    Need more info?

    You can call us any time for a chat over the phone or come into our showroom to speak to us in person and check out range.

    We have Rigs, Barbells, Weight Plates, Bumper Plates, Sleds and much more on display. Our showroom is at 622 Waterdale Rd Heidelberg West, in Melbourne and just down the road from the main entrance to Latrobe University.


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