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    Cable Machines

    This category is known by the following names: Cable Machines, Pin Loaded Machines, Functional Fitness Machines and Multi Station Machines. This is obviously due to the fact that they use "cables" to transfer the weight stack load to the handles, bars or other attachments for users to grasp duriing their workout.

    The types of cable machines in this category are: Functional Trainers, Cable Crossovers, Functional Smith Machines, Jungle Gyms and Multi Station Gyms.

    These machines are similar in style to the single station pin loaded machines as they all use an adjustable weight stack design, where the resistance or weight is adjusted by a selector pin. As with all categories, quality does vary greatly from brand to brand. The key to buying good quality cable machines is to ensure they have a solid metal frame that is made from high grade steel tubing. It needs to be at least 3-4 mm thick (11-8 gauge) with even thicker plating used for the end plates and base plates.

    Pulleys used should always be mane from high quality aluminium (aluminum in the U.S.). Many machines advertised as being commercial grade have plastic or nylon pulleys, which are ok for domestic use but will not be able to handle heavy use in a commercial gym, so steer clear of these. The pulleys should also be deep grooved to ensure cables will track well inside the pulley and not fall out of the groves. Cables should also have a high tensile strength rating over well over 1000 Lb and be nylon coated to protect the actual steel cables.
     What weight stacks sizes are best?

    Generally the heavier the stack the better. If you buy machines with weight stacks that are too light you will regret your buying decision, as they usually cannot be upgraded to heavier stacks later on and even if they can it will be cost prohibitive to do so. Ensure the weight stacks are at least 100 kg each where there is more than one stack. Our Titanium USA series of machines can be engineered to your requirements with weight stacks that weigh up to 130 kg each. Many of the machines in this series come standard with 120kg stacks.

    Many of our competitors will recommend lighter stacks as their machines aren’t engineered to handle heavy weight stacks.

     Our purpose is to help you make the right buying decisions so you can concentrate on creating a strong and successful business. A good balance between pin loaded, free weight, cardio and even CrossfitŸ equipment is the key to a successful business model but again this does depend on the type of business you are developing or running.

    Fitness equipment finance and leasing?

    We can assist with finance in a number of formats, whether it be a loan, lease, chattel mortgage or rental. Our experience staff will guide you on which solution will best suit your needs and budget.

    Delivery and installation?

    We are an Australian owned and operated commercial fitness equipment distributor and can arrange delivery and installation all over Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth, Gold Coast, Hobart or any regional areas throughout Victoria (Vic), New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (Qld), Western Australia (WA), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (Tas) and Northern Territory (NT). . We have a dedicated Commercial Fitness Equipment Showroom in Melbourne where you are welcome to come by and test our product range for yourself.