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    Commercial Cardio Equipment

     This is probably the most confusing of all product ranges to purchase. Prices and quality varies dramatically. Every brand claims to be the best but the feedback we receive from our clients, they tells us time and time again that these “leading brands” charge way too much and offer very little in after sales service. They are too busy caring for the large franchises to be bothered with smaller gym chains or owner operators. This is our key market clientele. New businesses and existing privately owned facilities and smaller operators.


     We have written more in depth information on the main page for each of our cardio categories; Treadmills, Elliptical Crosstrainers, Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Spin Bikes, Rower and Ergometers. Check out these pages for even an even greater insight into making the right buying decision.

     Which brand is best?

     It really comes down to how much you are comfortable spending. But this is not a guarantee of quality, service or reliability. Some of the cardio gear on the market is priced at the higher end even though the build quality is mid-range at best, but the brand is well marketed so consumers are fooled into buying something they believe is high quality. Buying commercial cardio gear requires a level head. Check and compare models and not just specs as they may not be genuine. Get on them, try them and then compare the price based on the build quality and specs.


    Need more info?

     Call us any time to have a chat or come into our showroom to speak to us in person and check out our gear.

     We have over 15 years of industry experience so we have some understanding of what’s required when it comes to Commercial Fitness Equipment.

    Our Melbourne showroom is located at 622 Waterdale Rd Heidelberg West. We have installers available in every state to ensure your equipment is professionally and safely installed. So whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or any other capital city or regional area we can arrange delivery and if required also professional installation of your new equipment.


    What about finance?

    We have a number of finance, lease or rental options available depending on your budget and financial situation.

    You don’t need to go to the bank or take out over priced finance as we have a several providers to choose from to ensure you get the most competitive package that is affordable and flexible.

    We will work with you and our providers to ensure you get the best deal possible to minimise any financial duress that can be associated with overfinancing.


     Is the equipment covered by warranty?

     Every piece of fitness equipment we sell is covered under warranty so you can rest assured that even after you take possession of the equipment we will be there to assist with any after-sales service and warranty issues should they arise.


    What about maintenance?

     We also provide a complete preventative maintenance program where our technicians can visit your site every 3 months or as required to check all of the equipment and service items as required. This not only assists with the longevity of the equipment but more importantly, provides peace of mind knowing the equipment is being regularly checked and tested to ensure it is in excellent working order and safe for your clients to use.