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    Dumbbell Packages

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    $1,974.00 Regular price $2,795.00
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    Unleash the full potential of your workout with our collection of dumbbell packages. Whether you're a professional athlete or just looking to improve your fitness, these packages are designed to help you achieve your goals.

    Our dumbbell packages include a selection of dumbbells in various weights, designed to cater to all level of fitness enthusiasts. The packages include options of Pro-style and Hex-style dumbbells, providing you the versatility to perform a wide range of exercises with different type of dumbbells, each catering to different training styles and preferences. Pro-style dumbbells are designed to be used in commercial gyms, with a durable steel construction, knurled grip, and a flat, wide head that provides a stable base for a variety of exercises. On the other hand, Hex-style dumbbells feature a hexagonal shape that prevents them from rolling away when not in use and rubber coated heads to protect your floors and prevent noise.

    Don't settle for a single pair of dumbbells - elevate your weightlifting game and achieve your fitness goals with one of our dumbbell packages. Shop now and take the first step to a stronger, healthier you!