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    TITANIUM USA S20 POWER RACK is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


    The S20 Power Rack is engineered for use in all Personal Training Studios, Schools, Home Gyms, Hotels and Corporate Gyms.

    Constructed from high quality, heavy duty steel so it can handle heavy use in any of the environments outlined above.

    After years of research and development we have created what we believe is the best all in one feature packed power rack that has been fitted with every option available. This includes Dip Handles, Safety Spotter Arms, Internal Safety Straps (Slings), Multi Grip Chin Up Bar, Plate Storage Pegs, Power Band Pegs, Land Mine Attachment and more. 



    • Heavy Gauge Steel Frame 
      Heavy Duty Frame Rated For Use In All Semi Commercial Applications. The upright posts are numbered with 21 different heights for easy adjustment of barbell height, and come with a premium-grade powder coated finish.

    • J Hooks
      Fully adjustable J hooks, which are engineered to withstand a 400kg capacity, have been fitted with nylon inserts to prevent scratches and protect your barbells and the J hooks during re-racking. They also come with a pull pin to lock them into the upright during use.

    • Spotter Arms 
      Fully adjustable, extra-long Spotter Arms have also been fitted with nylon inserts, to prevent scratches and protect your barbells. They also come with a pull pin to lock them into the upright during use and have a 400kg load capacity. 

    • Nylon Slings
      The high strength nylon Sling supports are rated to withstand up to 600kg.

    • Dip Handles
      The adjustable height dip handles can be attached to the front or rear upright posts of the squat rack.

    • Barbell Holder
      Olympic barbell storage tube located on the rear of the rack, to store your barbells when they are not being used. 

    • Weight Plate Storage Pegs
      There are 2 weight plate storage pegs so you can neatly store all of your plates away when they are not being used. 

    • Rated For Light Commercial Use 
      This squat rack has been rated for use in all light commercial training facilities such as Personal Training Studios, Corporate and Hotel Gyms, Schools and similar training facilities. 

    • Multi Grip Pull Up Bar
      The pull up bar has been designed to accomodate close grip, medium grip and wide grip pull ups as well supinated, pronated and hammer grip positions. 

    • Landmine Attachment
      This rack comes fitted with two high grade, fully rotating Landmine attachments. 

    • Power Band Pegs
      The base and top of the rack are fitted with power band pegs on each side. So, users can easily attach bands to the barbell during vertical movements such as squats and bench press to increase resistance, without loading more weights.



    • Depth: 130cm 
    • Width: 170cm
    • Height: 220cm


    • Frame: 10 years
    • All other parts: 1 year

      ***Bar, Bench & weights not included in price***

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