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    TITANIUM USA F90 FUNCTIONAL SMITH MACHINE PACKAGE 2 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

    This package is made up of the Titanium USA F90 Functional Smith Machine, Titanium USA Platinum Adjustable Bench, and the 170kg Stealth Series Bumper and Barbell Package.

    The Titanium USA F90 Platinum Series Functional Smith is as good as it gets. Compact and versatile, this unit combines the super smooth smith machine with a heavy-duty functional trainer and squat rack.

    This is a full commercial grade machine that can withstand high traffic use, even in the busiest of health clubs.

    It's the perfect all in one machine for Personal Trainers, Physios, home users or commercial gyms, who want to make the most of any compact spaces or to have an all in one machine that provides users with the highest quality multi-gym on the market. 



    • Precision Engineered Weight Stacks 
      This machine is fitted with a 100kg weight stack. The top 7 plates are 10lb (4.4kg) increments and are ideal for use in rehab facilities where lighter starting weights may be required and changing to 15lb increments from 85lb to 220 lb (39kg to 100kg). The weight plates are fitted with clearly visible weight stickers. Each plate is fitted with premium grade nylon bushings for reduced friction on the guide rods.

    • Heavy Gauge Steel Frame 
      The frame has been engineered using premium grade 3mm steel and coated with scratch resistant power coating that not only looks great but will provide many years of protection against wear and tear.

    • Rated For Full Commercial Use 
      This machine has been rated for use in all commercial training facilities such as Personal Training Studios, Gyms, and similar training facilities.

    • High Quality Linear Bearing Smith Machine 
      The smith machine barbell has been engineered with a 500kg weight capacity and fitted with premium grade linear bearings so the bar glides effortlessly up and down the guide rods. Fully adjustable barbell safety catchers have also been fitted to the machine for added safety and peace of mind. 

    • Multi Grip Pull Up Bar
      The pull up bar has been designed to accommodate close grip, medium grip and wide grip pull ups as well supinated, pronated and hammer grip positions. 

    • Dip Handles
      The dip handles have can be easily adjusted to multiple heights for individual preference.

    • J Hooks
      Fully adjustable J hooks have been fitted with nylon inserts, to prevent scratches and protect your barbells and the J hooks during re-racking.

    • Spotter Arms
      Fully adjustable, extra-long Spotter Arms have also been fitted with nylon inserts, to prevent scratches and protect your barbells.

    • Lat Pulldown Seat 

      Enables you to perform Lat Pulldowns, while keeping your thighs locked in place during training. Very easy to add or remove so you can quickly and easily lock the seat in to your preferred position.

    • Leg Press Plate
      Engineered from high tensile steel with a checker plate pattern for improved grip, this footplate will enable you to perform vertical leg press without the need to buy a stand-alone leg press machine. The extra-wide, heavy gauge steel footplate, enables users to perform both narrow and wide stance leg press exercises depending on their preferred comfort and foot placement requirements.

    • Weight Plate Storage Pegs
      There are 6 weight plate storage pegs at the rear of the machine (3 on either side) so you can neatly store your plates away when they are not being used. 

    • Power Band Pegs
      The base frame has been fitted with 2 power band pegs so you can easily attach power bands to the Smith Machine barbell to increase resistance without loading more weights.

    • High Grade Pulleys
      High grade pulleys that have been engineered to reduce drag on the cables, ensuring an ultra-smooth motion. They use a deep groove design to prevent cables slipping off the pulleys during use.

    • Aircraft Grade Cables
      Fitted with U.S. manufactured aircraft grade cables that have been tested to withstand more than 2000Lb (880kg) load.


    1. Landmine (Core Trainer).
    2. Tricep Rope for tricep pushdowns.
    3. Lat Pulldown Bar.
    4. Short straight bar for seated row.
    5. Long Straight Bar for standing press, lat pulldown, straight bar rows and several other exercises.
    6. Stirrup / D handles for Cable Crossover.
    7. Adjustable Commercial Grade Barbell J-hooks and Spotter Arms for the front of the rack.
    8. Plate storage pegs and a vertical barbell holder on the rear of the machine to neatly store your plates and barbell.
    9. Adjustable Dip Handle.
    10. Ankle strap.
    11. Two power band pegs.



    • 1740mm Deep 
    • 1960mm Wide (Frame) & 230cm (Barbell) 
    • 2250mm High


          Frame: 10 years
          Weight Stacks & Guide Rods: 3 years
          Pulleys & Cables: 2 years
          All other parts: 1 year

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