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    Type: Accessories

    The Titanium USA Loop Bands (Pack of 5) is a versatile fitness accessory that can be used to perform a wide range of exercises.

    Whether you're looking to target specific muscles, improve your flexibility, or add resistance to your workout, these loop bands are an excellent choice. Made from premium quality materials, these bands are durable and long-lasting, so you can use them for years to come.

    The pack of 5 includes different resistance levels, so you can choose the band that's right for your fitness level and goals. With the ability to perform exercises anywhere, these loop bands are perfect for home workouts, outdoor fitness, or on-the-go training.


    • Rated For Full Commercial Use 
      Engineered and rated for use in all commercial training facilities such as Fitness Centres, Personal Training Studios, Corporate and Hotel Gyms, Schools and similar training facilities.

    • Variety of Sizes Available
      The bands are available in a variety of thicknesses - the thicker the band the greater the level of resistance. 

    • This package includes:
      -1x Titanium USA X-Light Premim Loop Band 60cm length (30cm as a loop) x 5cm Width
      -1x Titanium USA Light Premim Loop Band 60cm length (30cm as a loop) x 5cm Width
      -1x Titanium USA Medium Premim Loop Band 60cm length (30cm as a loop) x 5cm Width
      -1x Titanium USA Heavy Premim Loop Band 60cm length (30cm as a loop) x 5cm Width
      -1x Titanium USA X-Heavy Premim Loop Band 60cm length (30cm as a loop) x 5cm Width


    • 6 Months

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