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    The Titanium USA Astro Turf Sled Tracks are designed for serious athletes who want to take their training to the next level.

    The high-quality sled tracks features a highly durable astro turf surface, providing a durable and functional training area. This track is perfect for sled pushes, dragging exercises, and agility drills, allowing you to enhance your speed, power, and endurance.

    These sled tracks are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

    We recommend installation using an artificial grass adhesive available from flooring supplies and hardware stores.


    The tracks can be fully customised to suit personal preference and gym branding themes. Customizations available include:

    • Length / Width
    • Colour
    • Lanes / Markings
    • Logo

    If there is anything required outside of the above scope, get in touch with one of our team to see if further customizations can be done. 


    • Tufted Yarn
      Most suppliers will use synthetic turf that is fibrillated (frayed fibres) which is designed for soccer and other sports pitches but is not suitable for sled tracks. The resistance varies depending on the direction of the sled and they wear down a lot faster. 
      Our sled tracks have been manufactured using tufted fibres (twisted & wrapped) so the track is multi directional providing the same resistance on the sled in both directions and are much harder wearing than other tracks on the market.

    • 15mm Pile Height
      Our sled tracks have been specifically designed for use in commercial gyms. The 15mm pile height not only runs flush with 15mm rubber tiles, but provides a soft durable surface for training on. 

    • Multiple Colours and Sizes Available
      Tracks are available in Blue, Green and Black, with or without lanes, and can be supplied in 10m, 15m 20m and 25m lengths.


    • Weight: 2400g / m2
    • Stitch Rate: 28 stitches per inch
    • Secondary Backing: UV Resistant  (PP) 90g/m²
    • Coating backing: Latex + rubber Spundbond on Styrene-Butadiene Basia, 700g/m²
    • Primary Backing: Polypropylene fabric & Non-woven cloth 90g + NET fabric
    • Machine gauge: 3/16 inch
    • Pile content: 100% UV Resistant Polyethylene Fibrillated Yarn
    • Tufts per m2: 67200 


    • 12 Month Replacement Warranty

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